Before I was saved by the grace of God and had the spiritual awakening/encounters I had I was a typical rap artist with no substance and I only wanted to be what I thought “the people” approved of. I knew I had a purpose but didn’t quite know what it was. I was lost and truly abducted by the enemy. Then God spoke to me, it was through different people and things i would see but it was like I could hear him so clearly. And he told me I needed to change. He told me I needed to change everything. Most importantly myself, but even the way I was approaching my calling. I began to learn more about myself and what was the purpose of this life we live. I learned that we all have a job. And that job is to walk with God every step and spread his word to as many people as we can to prepare for our Judgement Day. Which is the name of the first song on my album. I started to write music as normal but it was different. It’s like God was writing the music for me. Which explains the following record on the album titled “God Written”. I’ve never written anything so fast in my life. The spirit completely took over me and put my life into this project. 12 songs in 2 weeks while being quarantined. Before the transformation, i found myself doing everything that was considered “cool” or what would help me “fit in”. I would make music that revolves around sin, and material things. I promoted the enemies words completely. So much that it even affected my personal life. I began to suffer from depression very badly almost to the point of taking my life many times. As I always wondered why I wasn’t moving forward or progressing, God spoke to me. He told me that feeling i had inside of me to be different and be who I really am was him inside of me telling me to do what’s right. And what was right was his word. He told me to utilize my gifts to draw people to him before it’s time for Jesus to return. He told me he will draw people to where he is lifted up. He told me it’s not easy, but it is simple. I reached inside myself to hear him. Through all of my pain, struggles, stress, and depression I still reached deep inside myself to hear only him. Then suddenly, my mind was blank of all my worries. All I knew and cared about was pleasing him. I saw all the desires of my heart but I knew I’d only get them by doing what i needed to do, meanwhile i also learned that those things don’t matter. This life is temporary. The only thing that matters in this life if how much I’m dedicated to him in order to receive the gift of eternal life in heaven. My life, my purpose, is to bring his people home to him through my music, and my life. I am a light. His light. I am Kieran, The Light. 

Being the radical change needed, he says, "I want to give to the world. My story, my testimony. I want to help spread the word of God through my music, positioning myself to talk to many people. This is the start."


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